Alt Dispenser V2

Alt Dispenser is a premium service for generating an unlimited amount of Minecraft alts. Our service can be used for playing on other servers under another Minecraft account, playing with your friends if they don't already have an account or just for you who don't already own a Minecraft account.



Key Features

Unlimited alts

Generate an unlimited amount of alts.

Cape Support

Our advanced checking system will let you know if the alt you generated has an OptiFine or Minecon cape.

Alt Tracking

Track your recently generated and favourite alts. See when the Alt Code expires, so you can generate a new code.

Personal Alts

Generate your own private alt. Only you will be able to use the generated alt.

Custom Client

We have our own client for managing your generated alts.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support for all of our members.